A First Canadian Christmas

January 10, 2017 | Read Time: 2 Min. | Inspiring Stories

*Lily and her family arrived in Canada in 2016, a couple of months after their arrival, Lily’s husband left the family. The In School Settlement Practitioners (ISSP) assisted Lily and her children with many of their settlement-related needs, ISSP recognized that this unexpected circumstance has been very challenging for everyone involved. ISSP knew this family needed something special as this was going to be their very first Christmas in Canada. So ISSP assisted this family by referring the family to a group of generous Calgarians who help families in need to make their first Christmas in Canada special and memorable.

Lily, now a single mother with three children, wrote the In School Settlement Program a letter of gratitude:

“Special occasion is indeed a happy and memorable moment but it is different if you are in a foreign land, especially celebrating without the family you used to have it with. Christmas in our home country is simple yet joyful.

I am not expecting any extravagant celebration here even though this is our first white Christmas. Just a simple dinner with my family would be okay. But thanks to our angels in disguise c/o our In School Settlement Practitioners. I never thought there will be a happy Christmas for us but because of your generosity and loving hearts, we had a memorable Christmas that for sure me and my kids will never ever forget. On behalf of my kids, we would like to say thank you and may God shower you more blessings you all deserve. God bless you all!”

*The client’s name has been changed to protect her privacy and identity.