IRCC attends Cultural Day with the Mentorship Program

May 15, 2018 | Read Time: 1 Min. | Mentorship

On May 10th, Stephanie Kirkland, Director General of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and several of her colleagues celebrated Cultural Day with the Mentorship Program at Henry Wise Wood High School. As one of the last sessions for the school semester, it is important that students were familiar with each other’s backgrounds and cultures. The students prepared videos showcasing the beauty of their countries (Eritrea, Philippines, Colombia, Syria, China, Mexico, Egypt, and Venezuela) and wrapped up with showcasing the beauty of Canada.

The students shared their favourite aspects of their countries and even brought examples of foods and snacks that are traditional in their countries. This program aimed at solidifying the friendships between the youth as well as with their Facilitators and Youth Counselors.

A big thank you to IRCC for sharing this special day with us!