young kids afterschool program

Afterschool Program

Meet with other students to connect with your community, make friends and succeed academically

Integrating into Canadian culture doesn’t end at the last school bell — give yourself a chance to develop outside of school hours from October to May. By participating in free afterschool programs, you’ll make friends, improve your English language skills, get help with your homework and have an opportunity to grow in a safe, supportive space.

Through lesson plans, field trips, guest speakers and public community events, the Afterschool Program looks to connect you to different resources and information about Canada. Our goal is to help each student achieve personal success and increase your participation in both your school and community.

Held in selected schools, housing complexes and public libraries throughout Calgary for students in grades 1–12, you can register in an afterschool program once a week for 2 hours.

To register in the Afterschool Program or to learn more contact

Bridge Club

Grade 1–6

Connect with other children and youth who work to overcome language, cultural and social barriers together. This program is for those in grades 1–6 and encourages you to increase your self-esteem, make new friends and improve your in-school participation with stronger English language skills.

NxtGen Junior High

Grade 7–9

Supports immigrant youth develop confidence, leadership, and resilience skills. NxtGen participants learn critical and practical skills that will help them adjust to teenage life, build a sense of responsibility, grow confidence, feel empowered to succeed.

NxtGen Homework Club

Grade 10–12

As a senior high school student, you can get one-on-one and group academic support in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and ESL. You’ll improve your study skills, grow in personal confidence, receive support with post-secondary and scholarship applications and be provided with volunteer opportunities.