Statement of Chief Executive Officer

September 19, 2023 | Read Time: 2 Min. | Community Concern

City of Calgary's New Housing Strategy - Home is Here

In the face of the ongoing housing crisis, it is crucial that we acknowledge the pivotal role that stable, affordable housing plays in the settlement process for our clients and their families. Access to stable housing is the primary stride toward ensuring a successful integration process for our beneficiaries.

Moreover, we wish to shed light on our organization’s stance regarding the City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy. The City’s Housing Strategy has undergone exhaustive research and extensive community dialogue, and we are delighted to announce that our organization, CBFY, unequivocally endorses all the recommendations articulated in this strategy. We firmly believe that these recommendations are closely aligned with our mission and objectives, as they advocate for housing stability for immigrant and refugee youth.

Furthermore, we wish to underscore our active involvement in guaranteeing that the voices of those we represent, specifically immigrant and refugee youth, are not only heard but actively included in the pivotal conversations revolving around housing. We have been attentive to the stories of families grappling with housing instability, stories that have risen to the upper echelons of our organization. In response, we took active engagement in discussions with other service provider organizations and various levels of government. Our collective aim is to present a unified voice, emanating from all organizations involved, with the hope that it will sway funders and stakeholders to prioritize the housing needs of our vulnerable communities.

In conclusion, our organization remains resolute in its commitment to tackle the housing crisis in Calgary and advocate passionately for stable, affordable housing, which forms the bedrock of successful integration for immigrant and refugee youth. We wholeheartedly endorse the City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy and actively engage in collaborative efforts to ensure that the voices of our beneficiaries are not only heard but acted upon.