Success of United Voices 2023: SHINE, Sharing Hope and Inclusivity, Nurturing Every Youth

November 23, 2023 | Read Time: 1 Min. | 2023, Community Concern, Events

United Voices 2023: SHINE – Sharing Hope and Inclusivity, Nurturing Every Youth


We are thrilled to celebrate the tremendous success of United Voices 2023: SHINE – Sharing Hope and Inclusivity, Nurturing Every Youth. With an outstanding turnout of 130 enthusiastic youths, the event radiated energy and engagement, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the program. The unwavering support and collaboration of our partners were instrumental in making this event a truly memorable and impactful experience for all involved.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to our dedicated partners, with special appreciation to Centre For Newcomers, Planet Youth – United Way Calgary and Area, and Immigrant Services Calgary for their efforts in arranging nutrition and refreshments. We also acknowledge the Immigrant Education Society, Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing, and CMHA for their diligent work in researching and finding funding opportunities.

A sincere thank you goes to the Calgary Catholic Immigrant Services’ (CCIS) Rural Alberta Services, Foothills Community Immigrant Services (FCIS) for facilitating transportation for around 60-70 youths from rural Alberta. Commendations are extended to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) for providing valuable guidance in event program delivery, alongside the leadership of Justino Mendoza, an independent youth.

Special recognition goes to Youth Central for providing invaluable assistance with youth volunteers, ensuring the smooth flow of activities. As we compile feedback and highlights from the event, we will share this information with you and our supporters shortly.


Best Regards,


Eamon Saldana

Youth Chair


United Voices Organizing Committee
Service Area: Calgary and Area
Office:  403-230-7745